SLY has been created by Cyrille Geneste, farmer in France.
The advantage of being real min-till and no-till farmer, is that you are aware of the reality of the job itself, in and out of the field.
It, of course, make us the very first users and testers of our machines.

Every new idea and machine is tested thoroughly in real conditions on Cyrille's family farm, in a variety of soil types.

SLY is now a partner of AGRISEM International.
In addition to evident synergies, our goal is to continue designing and producing the best suitable products for conservation agriculture.
With a significant internationnal outreach our products will be more accessible to foreign customers.


At SLY, we have ideas and we stain for our vision of sustainable farming.
The world climate is changing, consumer demand is changing : let's move forward together
We cannot always promise to be perfect but we strive to be as close as possible! Minimum and No tillage practices are what we believe in.
Mining the soil of nutrients will be regulated soonner or later.
Our everyday work is to imagine, develop and manufacture machines which will help you to perform with new challenges.

«SLY aims to serve farming,  not the other way around»

It's the big difference with our competitors.
You will not find a product or machine in our catalog, that doesn't fit our values, even if it is very profitable, easy to produce or to sell.
Our ambition is not to meet the needs of demanding shareholders or to see everlasting corporate growth.
To really focus on helping the soil and sustainable food supply we must take a different approach.


We attach the greatest importance to our customer experience, stay close and work with them, to ensure repeatable success and continued development.

Communication with our customers is very important to us and we do our best to spend
as much time as possible with them to share and imagine new farming practices.

Every member of our team is passionate about the soil, and farming practices.
We are receiving information and learning everyday thanks to meetings, demonstrations, visits, events… and share as much as we can.


We create our machines with you in mind. On your farm you need a simple, easy to adjust machine that performs in your conditions.
We and our suppliers use the latest technology and quality of raw materials to manufacture your machines: we only use High Grade Steel, laser cutting, robot welding and powder coating to protect every part of your machine. You can expect the best from us.


Our everyday work is to imagine, develop and manufacture machines which will help you to perform with new challenges.

If your are linked with conservation tillage and have an idea or a project that you can't handle alone, or if you are simply looking for a partner, contact us.
We will be happy to discuss the project with you.


SLY exist today thanks to our customers confidence, thanks to the commitment of its employees and managers,
but also thanks to parternship, help and support of organisations or structures that we would like to thank.

Here are some of these:

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